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  • 5/2/2024 – BCLO Meeting Agenda

    We will be posting our agenda’s moving forward to help with letting residents know what will be discussed at each meeting. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know. This list may change, and if it does, it will be updated so you may want to check back regularly to…

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  • BCLO Inc Office Closed 4/29/2024

    Unfortunately, due to a personal emergency, the office will be closed on 4/29/2024 to the public. You can still request information from [email protected]. The office hours should be back to normal on Wed 5/1/2024. Thanks!

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  • BCLO Security Guard Has Been Hired

    We recently discussed the possibility of hiring a security guard to help keep an eye on things in and around beaver creek. We are pretty excited to announce that we have officially hired a security guard, and hope to have them starting in the coming weeks. We have a lot to plan, a lot to…

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  • Office closed 4/15/2024

    The office will be closed on 4/15/2024. If you need immediate assistance, please email [email protected]. Thanks!

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  • BCLO Office Closed 2/26, 2/28, 3/11, 3/13

    The BCLO office will be temporarily closed on the following dates : Please feel free to email [email protected] with any questions. If you have questions regarding your invoice, they will not be answered until the next business day the office is open. No in person visits will be available during the above mentioned dates.

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  • No date scheduled for annual meeting 2024

    After conducting votes and convening a meeting, no formal decisions were made, and no resolutions were passed by the residents due to no quorum being set. Nonetheless, in a gesture of goodwill, the BCLO board has designated Tommy Drees to join the board based on receiving the highest number of votes during the meeting’s voting…

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  • Mailboxes Ordered

    We have ordered two new ( third at our price point is on back order ) CBU mailboxes which can support 16 new residents each. Once the third box is on it’s way, we’ll update the post here on the website to reflect this. Once the mailboxes arrive, we’ll install them as we did the…

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  • Security Guard Coming to Beaver Creek

    In response to the expanding community and the increasing need for enhanced security measures, the subdivision’s Homeowners Association (HOA) has taken the proactive step of hiring a dedicated security guard. Despite our neighborhood’s historically low crime rate, the rapid growth in population necessitates a heightened focus on maintaining order and enforcing existing rules. The security…

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  • We’re Hiring

    Hey Everyone, BCLO Inc is currently hiring for park services, this position comes with the following responsibilities. The community dump is having a new building installed in 2024, but until then, shade, and a place to sit is provided. No other requirements are needed in order to perform the duties for this open position. This…

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  • Annual Maintenance Packet corrections

    Hello, Unfortunately there were a number of errors on the packets that were sent out to residents regarding dates, and amounts owed on the invoices. Some invoices were erroneously sent out with an incorrect due date. Due to the confusion on that, all invoices will be due by January 31st for everyone, giving them equal…

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