A new dog enforcement policy has gone into effect, please take a moment to review the new changes. You can access them Here

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  • Office Closed 7/17/2024

    Office Closed 7/17/2024

    Unfortunately, the office is going to be closed on Wed 7/17/2024. The office is expected to be open on Saturday, 7/20/2024 If you need to reach the office to speak to someone you can call (979) 272-3625 calls will be answered even though the office is physically not open. Thanks!

  • Dump Closed 7/15/2024

    Dump Closed 7/15/2024

    The dump will be closed on Monday 7/15/2024. The dump may be closed additional days, if so, this post will be updated. Please check back for additional information regarding any additional closed days due to the current outage. Thanks!

  • 7/4/2024 Board meeting cancelled

    7/4/2024 Board meeting cancelled

    Due to the 4th of July being on Thursday, or normally scheduled board meeting, we are unable to get a quorum of board members. Because of this, the board meeting has been cancelled. If a new meeting is scheduled, we’ll announce it here and on the website.

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Emergency Contact Numbers

Emergencies – 911

· Burleson County Fire (non-emergency) –979-567-4343

· Burleson County Sheriff (non-emergency) – 979-567-4343

The county telephone line is menu based, follow the appropriate menus to reach the dispatcher.