Park Rules & Regulations

Attention: Beaver Creek parks are now under video surveillance. We may utilize images or video to help identify people trespassing, or not following the rules to find an address in order to issue a violation to that resident.

Beaver creek has numerous parks within the neighborhood that are considered common areas for all residents of Beaver Creek. In order to maintain the parks and ensure they are available for everyone to use and to ensure that they are maintained to the standards of the Beaver Creek neighborhood, the following rules must be followed at all times. Failure to abide by the posted rules may result in your common area privileges being revoked.

  • All parks are closed at dark, you may not enter a park after dark.
  • You must have a valid land owner card in your possession if you intend to utilize any of the parks.
  • No motor vehicles are permitted inside of the park grounds. Each park has a fence line that identifies where the park begins. You must park all motor vehicles on the side of the fence closest to the roadway.
    • The term “motor vehicle” means any mode of transportation that involves mechanical or electrical means to propel itself. 4 wheelers, Dirt bikes, Trucks, Cars, Dune buggies, Side by sides all fall into the motor vehicle category.
  • You may not have an uncontained fire in any of the Beaver Creek parks. Receptacles for grilling or having small fires are provided at each park. As the parks age those receptacles may not be available for numerous reasons. Additional grills, or fire pits can be installed in any park that is missing one by request of any resident in beaver creek.
  • Commercial activities are not permitted in Beaver Creek parks. This means you can not utilize any common area park to generate revenue for yourself.
  • There are not trash receptacles at any Beaver Creek park as of 2/18/2023. All trash must be picked up and taken with you.

While we want to ensure that the parks are maintained, we also want to ensure that all of the Beaver Creek residents are able to enjoy the parks as they were intended. We’ve added some common questions we receive to help try and answer the most common questions.

  • Question : Can I bring my family and friends and have them with me at the park?
    • Answer : Yes, if you have a valid land owner card you can bring as many friends and family as you wish to have a party, get together, or any other gathering of friends and family at any of the beaver creek parks.
  • Question : Can I bring my own grill to the park to cook on?
    • Answer : Yes, you are welcome to bring your own grill to any of the parks in Beaver Creek so long as any trash that is left behind is picked up by you and / or your guests.
  • Question : Can I fish in the lakes located at the parks?
    • Answer : Yes, you do not need a fishing license to fish in any of the Beaver Creek lakes. You do however need a valid landowner card in order to fish.
  • Question : Do my children under the age of 18 need a landowner card to use any of the parks?
    • Answer : Yes, Beaver Creek issues dependent cards which are landowner cards that have less information on them. Anyone in beaver creek using any common area must have a Landowner card on their possession. Each house is only issued a single dependent card. Only one person needs a card in a group of people using any common area. (Beaver Creek park).
  • Question : If I find something wrong with a park who do I notify?
    • Answer : On the website under ” Community Forms “, there is a form to report violations. Please use this form to report something wrong in any of the parks.

This page was last edited on 2/18/2023.