Beaver Creek Water

Beaver Creek now has a water district! This means you can receive water without the need to purchase a costly well for your property. You can use the information below to get a good idea of what all is needed, how to sign up, where to sign up, and what to expect as you progress forward with having your water turned on.

Please Note: Beaver Creek Landowners Inc does not maintain, manage, or have anything to do with the BCWCID (Water district). This is managed by another Board of directors. You can sign up for, pay your bill, and learn more about the company operating the water district by visiting the MOC website. Visit MOC

In order to get access to water, you will first need to apply for service and get a meter. You can click here to apply for water service

Once an application has been put in, you can expect a call, or an email from MOC to go over any questions you may have that are specific to your use case. We have been able to provide answers to some common questions to try and better help new and existing residents better understand the water system. If you have any specific questions about water, you can direct them to the MOC (operators) contact us page on the website located here.

Questions & Answers

The Q&A is posted below the rate chart.

Question : What is the base cost of the water?

Answer : The base cost is $40.00 per month for 8000 gallons of water. An additional $1.50 is billed for each additional 1000 gallons of water. As an example, if you were to use 10,000 gallons of water, your monthly bill for that month would be : $43.00. The $1.50 per each 1000 gallons is a valid price up to 20,000 gallons of water. After you surpass 20,000 gallons of water, the cost per 1000 gallons goes from $1.50 to $1.75 per 1000 gallons.

Question : Is there a deposit or application fee?

Answer : Yes, their is a deposit fee of $100 for landowners ( paid one time ), and $150 for renters ( paid one time ) to setup service at your home.

Question : How much is a 1″ tap and meter at my property?

Answer : 1″ tap and a meter at your property will cost $1169.50. This is broken down by a portion that will be paid by the landowner, and a portion that will be paid by the WCID. WCID (Beaver Creek Water) will pay for $544.50. The landowner will be responsible for paying $625. However; WCID will only be able to pay the $544.50 for as long as the grant money is available to WCID. Once those funds are depleted, the landowner will be responsible for the full amount of $1,169.50.

Question : If my well remains functional, but is not tied into my home, do I need a backflow?

Answer : Yes, if your home is not connected to a well, you will still need a backflow. Below is a list of models that are acceptable to be used on homes with a well connected to your home.

Double Check Valves

  • Brand : Zurn Wilkins
  • Model : 1-950XLT2

1” Lead Free Double Check Backflow

  • Brand : Febco
  • Model : LF850-QT DC

1” Lead Free Double Check Valve Backflow Preventer

  • Brand : Watts
  • Model : LF007M1-QT

  • Question : Do I need a backflow if my well remains hooked up to my home?
  • Answer : yes, you will need a backflow if you have a well directly connected to your home. You can use the brands listed below as an acceptable solution.


Brand : Zurn Wilkins

Model : 975XL2

1” Lead Free Reduced Backflow Preventer Valve

Brand : Febco

Model : LF825Y-QT

1” Lead Free Reduced Pressure Zone Backflow Preventer

Brand : Watts

Model : LF009M2-QT