ID badges replacing stickers for 2023

Your 2022 stickers will continue to grant you access to the dump until March 1st. If you have already been issued a new BCLO LOA Card you can use this or you can use your 2022 stickers until March 1st.

Starting March 1st, 2023 ID badges will be replacing all stickers from all years prior to 2023. So, starting in 2023 you will need a BCLO identification badge in order to use the parks and the trash dump as well as any future amenities that are added to Beaver Creek. Below is a comprehensive overview of those ID cards. Below is what a card will look like.

Each card will have some basic information that’s used in the office when you are coming to pay dues, or to be returned to the owner in the event it’s lost. It will also have some basic contact information about BCLO so everyone will know how to access the website, and who to email with questions. Although you can use the contact us form on the website as well.

All cards will look very similar to the card example posted above. The colors will be different and instead of the BCLO Treasurer / VP / Secretary, etc, it will say ” Land Owner “, ” Renter “, ” Dependent “.

We’ve provided a useful Q&A below based on questions we’ve received from residents.

How long does my card last?

Each card is good for 5 years. Your first year will include an empty space towards the bottom of the card ( See image below ):

Each year thereafter you will need to come into the office and have a new stamp printed in that space ( in total, it will hold 4 stamps ). The same card is used for each stamp each year. It’s printed onto the card and can not be reproduced. Once the bottom section has been fully used with stamps, a new card will be issued at that time.

What if my card breaks or the ink rubs off?

If your card is physically broken, then you would need to replace it at a cost of $20.00. If the card is damaged due to the product itself ( the ink overlay ) then BCLO will replace the card for you at no additional cost. The card must be illegible before it would be considered damaged.

Do I have to have my picture on my card?

No, you do not. However; if you chose to not have an image on your card you will be required to show identification with your image on it along with your BCLO card to confirm that you own the card. The ID cards will be enforced when using amenities in Beaver Creek.

How much will I have to pay for cards?

BCLO Landowner Cards are completely free when you pay your dues, your dues come with the cost of the cards. you will be provided the following cards for your household.

  • 2 Landowner Cards
  • 1 Dependent Card
  • 2 Renter Cards (If applicable) *Landowners that reside outside of beaver creek but have renters would be issued cards on an as needed basis.

If you lose one of your cards the replacement cost for each of the cards is $20.00. These funds go back into the general ledger for BCLO and are used for BCLO activities and bills.

Who all needs a card?

If you are a landowner and live in beaver creek, then you will need a card to dump your trash, or use the neighborhood amenities, such as parks, ponds, etc. If you are a landowner but do not live in beaver creek but have renters in your home, then the landowners would not need a card, and instead, 2 renter cards would be provided to you instead. Renters will need to follow the same rules as landowners in order to use the amenities in beaver creek. The only time a landowner and a renter would need cards is if the landowner, and the renter both reside on the same property. Dependents will get a card with a beaver as an image instead of the resident. The dependent card can be used for all children in a household. If a dependent wants to go fishing, and takes a brother or sister, a single card would be used. Dependent cards are for children living in beaver creek under the age of 18. Anyone over 18 will not be issued a dependent card.

What if I lose my card?

If you lose your card, a replacement is $20.00. We would suggest that you place your landowner badge in your car at all times so it’s always available to you. Each household is issued two cards when dues are paid each year, (Unless a dependent, or renters are involved) the owner of the card must be the one using the card to access Beaver Creek services.

Why are the cards different colors?

Some of the cards have different color bars across the top and bottom of the card to signify who they are. For instance, landowners will be Blue, Dependents will be Orange, Renters will be Yellow, and Staff members will be Red. The only significance this is for is to quickly determine the type of card when being used for access to a service in beaver creek.

Who do I have to show my card to?

Anyone that asks to see your card while at a park, using the lakes, or dumping your trash must be able to show you a valid staff badge (they will be red across the top and bottom) as they have either been hired by BCLO inc to enforce badges, or they are staff of beaver creek that have been tasked to confirm valid landowner cards while using BCLO services, or a BCLO board member. If someone asks to see your landowner badge and you are not voting at an annual meeting, using a beaver creek lake, using a beaver creek park, or using the beaver creek dump, then you are never under any obligation to show that card, regardless of who is asking for it. These landowner cards are used exclusively to confirm resident status / dues paid while using beaver creek services or voting at an annual meeting.

Does my child have to have their name listed on the cards?

No, each dependent card will have the last name , followed by Dependent. For instance, using the example above. Any children of Paul would have an Orange colored card that says ” Koch Dependent “, instead of the Childs name. It would also have no address or image of the child. It will only contain the words ” Koch Dependent “, the ID number, and BCLO contact information. No 911 address or section / lot.

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